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ZIN World is an international investment group focused on creating business and marketing concepts into the world of real estate development, hospitality, leisure, e-commerce, retail and green-tech. The investors and founders behind ZIN promote the values of simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability within those business segments. We create affordable luxury and memorable experiences, whether we invest into hotels, villas, restaurants, retail or into sustainable technologies.

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ZIN Hotels

ZIN Hotels is opening several hotel, villa, and resort properties that will capture the heart and imagination of its guests. Prime locations and strong and unique concepts guarantee the success for investors, business partners, and our employees. ZIN Bali opens in August 2018 in Canggu.


ZIN Bamboo

ZIN World believes strongly in bamboo as a building material, as it reflects our core values about sustainability. We are working closely with local producers and bamboo architects to set up several All-Bamboo hotels in Bali.


ZIN Food & Beverage

ZIN World is part of successful restaurant and culinary concepts. Great food, great value for money, and an atmosphere that is stylish yet comfortable. ZIN has opened its first flagship restaurant in Canggu early 2019.


Shop Rental Opportunity in Canggu, Bali

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Our Values and Ethics

Doing business successfully and doing things right ethically is no contradiction. To the contrary. Our businesses, partners, and employees benefit greatly from the idea, that whatever we do, we can be and will be part of the improvement and the empowerment of the world we live in. Treating people, nature and resources with respect and finding new ways in establishing successful business models and companies, is at the core of what we do.

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