Experience The Island of the Gods responsibly and adopt sustainable practices that safeguard its natural beauty and cultural heritage.
This guide will give you tips for mindful travel choices.

Minimize Waste Generation:

Carry a reusable water bottle and refill it when possible instead of purchasing single-use plastic bottles.

Bring reusable shopping bags or use your backpack to avoid relying on plastic bags. 

Decline single-use items like straws, utensils, and disposable cups whenever possible.


Conserve Precious Resources:

Practise mindful water usage by taking shorter showers and avoiding unnecessary water consumption.

Switch off lights, air conditioning and electronics when not in use to conserve energy.

Reuse towels and linens during your stay to minimise laundry and associated water and energy usage.

Respect the Natural Environment:

Stay on designated trails and avoid venturing into sensitive ecosystems or protected areas. 

Dispose of waste responsibly, using designated bins and avoiding littering. If there are no bins pack it out with you. 

Refrain from disturbing wildlife or removing natural elements like plants or rocks.

Support Local Sustainability Efforts:

Patronize local small businesses, local restaurants, and markets to promote the local economy. 

Participate in local conservation initiatives or volunteer opportunities to contribute to environmental protection efforts.
*talk to our staff fro details