Clean and emission free transportation for a green, clean and sustainable Bali.


Committed to supporting a carbon neutral footprint, the ZIN RideGreen Center at ZIN Canggu offers rental, sales and charging stations for cutting edge new electric vehicles. 

*To download the SWAP Energi app, please change your App store or Google play Country location to Indonesia.

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All day multi purpose urban traveling
Average daily use 120 km per day


  • At the forefront of modern electric transport technology
  • Maximum distance per charge: 70 km 
  • Maximum Speed 70 Kph
  • Instant battery swapping SWAP – 9 seconds – no charging
  • SWAP points at over 200 Circle K locations and soon in all of Bali
  • SWAP app – battery swapping & motorcycle locator, anti theft, charge status & more
Battery : 64v / 22.5ah
Motor Power : 1500 w
Top Speed : 60 – 70 kph
Weight : 68 kg
Brakes : Disc Brakes front & back
Display : LCD
Battery : Swapable / Chargeable
Tyres : Tubeless
Color choices : Any colour you like, as long as its black.

Supported with the SWAP app
  • Vehicle locator
  • Battery status
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle condition
  • Anti theft
  • Battery Swap station locator

Rental Price
Daily IDR 85.000 + Insurance $1 a day
Weekly IDR 500.000 +  Insurance $1 a day

IDR 1.500.000 + Insurance $1 a day

includes Free 500km range of Battery



Getting around town multi purpose electrical vehicle.
Average daily travel : 10-50 km per day

An elegant lightweight ebike for easy short trip transport throughout your day with easy universal charging plug.

Battery : 48v / 20ah
Motor Power : 800 w
Top Speed : 60 kph
Weight :
Brakes :
Display :
Battery : Universal Chargeable Plug
Tyres : Tubeless
Color choices :


Short Point to point mobility.
Average daily travel: 10-40 km per day

Super simple scooter bike with basket for quick simple trips. Universal charging plug.

Battery : 48v / 12ah
Motor Power : 450 w
Top Speed : 35 kph
Weight :
Brakes :
Display :
Battery : Universal Chargeable Plug
Tyres :
Color choices :

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Electric Motobikes

What are the advantages of riding electric?

Clean. Firstly you are going green – battery-powered vehicles do not use any combustible fuel,  help reduce emissions and keep the air cleaner.

Safe. Though electric bikes have good torque and acceleration, they have lower top speeds (65kph max) which makes them very safe. Add double disc brakes and a low bike weight makes for amazing stopping power.

Easy. Electric motorbikes don’t have any gears or clutch, making them easier to ride even for beginners.

Silent. Electric motorcycles are much less noisy than petrol-powered bikes, which improves riding comfort – it’s like riding on a cloud.

Light. Without an engine the bikes are not heavy at all making it very easy and pleasant riding.

How much does it cost to run an electric bike?

Next to nothing – you aren’t paying for any petrol, you only pay for electricity charging costs (on the SWAP app) which works to about IDR 200 per KM (15 cents per Km!)

Are electric motorcycles easy to ride?

Very easy. One big advantage of electric bikes is that there is no clutch and direct drive, meaning they are extremely simple to ride.You twist a throttle to go, and two hand brakes to stop. Easy and safe. All the other controls are the same as conventional motorbikes such as indicators, horn, speedometer etc.

How can I tell how much charge is left in the battery of an electric motorcycle?

A charge indicator on the Speedometer and also in your amazing SWAP app will tell you the average how many km you have left before you need to swap the battery.

Do I need to charge my electric motorcycle?

Nope! The best thing about these bikes is that they utilise a cutting edge battery swapping system. Open your bike seat, take out the shiny clean battery and change it at a SWAP station and you are ready to ride – the whole process takes 1 minute. There are over 200 SWAP locations throughout Bali at Circle K (24 hour convenience stores) and also at ZIN.  The SWAP app will tell you exactly where these locations are and if there are batteries ready and you can even book your battery so no one else can grab it!

What is the maximum distance I can travel on one battery charge?

Average distance per charge is 70 km! More than ample for day to day use, and don’t forget there are over two hundred 24hr battery SWAP locations in Bali with more coming soon.

What happens if my bike breaks down?

You will be given an emergency support number where a technician will come to you to fix the bike. If repairs take time we will replace the bike with a new one for you.

Are your electric motorcycles road legal?

Yes. All our bikes conform to International standards and come complete with up to date Indonesian road legal certification for your records.

What are the running costs of an electric moped and motorcycle?

Compared to a combustion engine motorcycle an electric bike is very efficient as there are:

  • No Oil/oil/fuel filter
  • No Petrol
  • No Coolant
  • No Valves
  • No Spark Plugs
  • No Clutch/transmission/cables
  • No Throttle bodies/Carburettors

Therefore, maintenance essentially comes down to consumable items such as tyres and brake pads, bearings & electrical items.

What is the SWAP app?

It’s a sexy easy to use mobile application that will link you personally to the bike (only you can ride it with the app) . Within this app it has : 

  • Battery swap station locator – connected to Maps 
  • Bike locator
  • Anti theft
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Distance remaining 
  • Distance travelled
  • Online payment for charging

Dealing With Police

What are basic rules I must follow?

Like all countries the road driving/riding rules are quite standard and similar. However these are the main points that you could get pulled up for and/or fined :

  • Always wear your helmet (Passenger & Operator) , make sure the helmet strap is connected!
  • During this covid period, always make sure you wear a mask ( There is a IDR 1 million fine)
  • Use your indicators when turning. 
  • Do not Speed.
  • Do not ride under the influence of alcohol. 
  • Be courteous to others. 
Do Indonesian Police speak English?

Usually very basic, you could get the few who speak English well but generally they have enough to communicate in a basic way. A smile and google translate could go a long way 🙂

What do I do if the Police pull me over?

You may be pulled over for a general random check or due to a violation. Generally the Indonesian police are serious but friendly, please always be respectful.

If the police pull you over :

  • Stop immediately and turn your bike engine off
  • Smile 🙂
  • They will first ask for your licence (SIM) and registration (STNK).
    The registration (STNK) is in the seat of your bike.
  • If all is above board and there is no violation they should let you go on your way.
What if I have broken a rule?

Usually if you have made a small violation like no helmet, no licence, etc. 

The police will ask you to either pay an on-the-spot fine, or at times give you a ticket to pay the fine at court.
It is suggested to respectfully do what they request and pay the fine immediately. Do not get argumentative or try to negotiate, smile and you will be on your way soon.

What if for some reason they want to hold my bike or take me to the police station?

It is best to do what they ask, all will be fully   explained and they are just following protocols. Do not get argumentative or rude. Again, the police in Bali are generally friendly and helpful and almost anything can be, and will be worked out. 

Who can I call if I am in a situation with the police and need advice?

You can call us at ZIN for basic advice, we can either make suggestions or if needed give you the contact of a legal person to help. Please do remember any issues related to legal matters are the renters/riders full responsibility.