The management and teams at ZIN are dedicated to create a unique and wonderful experience for our guests. Amazing properties, where timeless simplicity and comfort allow our guests to experience wellbeing and joy.

We support a sustainable and more balanced form of tourism, in order to play a role in preserving our nature. Our workers are trained accordingly and we implemented many procedures and invested into equipment that reduce waste in all forms.

We believe in treating everyone with respect, we love our employees and are passionate about their self-empowerment. We are certain, that in each of our properties you will feel authentically, that you are welcomed and taken care of by people, who deeply care about your wellbeing, and about the wellbeing of their colleagues.



simplicity, smart, easy

we create gadgets and facilities that let you enjoy an ease and comfort, that takes you naturally into a state of relaxation, aligning you with the beautiful vibe of this magical island. we love the details. we understand that its the little extras that make life special


reduced to its natural beauty

At ZIN, we play with colours and designs that are connected with nature, we use Balinese and Indonesian materials, integrate modern aspects, and play with simplicity and clarity.


sustainable, respectful, integrated, authentic

we believe in the importance of values and principles that mirror our core which anjali expresses through our slogan – because we care! Many small and big things in our properties are designed and created to not only take care of our guests, but also to take care our employees, and this island.