Thursdays @ZIN

5pm – 7pm  |  Every Thursday

Special Deals & Live Music Performance at The Rooftop

  • 99K  Net Import Wines & Import Alcohol Cocktail
  • 75K  Net Local Alcohol Cocktail
  • 65K  Net Local Wine by Glass
  • 495K  Net Selected Import Wine by Bottle
  • 330K  Net Selected Local Wine by Bottle
  • Beer Bintang Buy 4 Get 5

Get a special 30% Free Extra Cash Value for ZINNER Card Top-up during the event.

ZIN After Work

5pm – 7pm  |  Monday – Friday

Enjoy your after work wind down Mediterranean style at ZIN Cafe.

20% OFF for all Beverages

ZIN Event Space

Plan your events with Us!

An elegant yet relaxed venue spread out over 4 unique areas to suit whatever the mood or need.


ZIN Cafe Location