At ZIN, we believe in the power of collective compassion and community support. That’s why our ZIN Care initiative is now in full swing, offering a meaningful way for everyone to make a difference, one contribution at a time.

We’ve strategically placed two ZIN Care Boxes—one in the bustling hub of our Back Office and the other at ZIN Cafe Cashier. It’s an invitation for every member of our community, be it a cherished guest or a vital part of our fantastic back office team, to actively participate in creating positive change.

Your contributions go beyond monetary value; they are a symbol of shared responsibility and care. The HR team diligently collects these generous donations on a monthly basis, ensuring a continuous flow of support for various CSR activities that uplift and impact our community.

We firmly believe that every contribution counts, no matter the size. Together, as a united ZIN family, we strive to extend our hand and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need. Join us on this journey of giving back, where even the smallest act of kindness creates a ripple effect of positive change. Together, we are the driving force behind a brighter, more caring community.