We regret that to protect our guests and our staff, ZINFIT will be closed till further notice.

However if you would like private classes or to book the training space please contact us on

+6281 339 801 807  

soft opening prices zinfit

Passes can freely be used for classes run by following trainers:

  • Widya (Inferno Hot Pilates, Morning Yoga)
  • Taryn (Buti Yoga, Buti Flow Yoga)
  • Rio (Muay Thai)
  • Roberto (Brazilian Circuit Training)

* 5 classes pass valid for 1 month after day of purchase

* * 10 and 20 passes are valid for 3 months after day of purchase

* * * No refund on prepaid class passes. 10% VAT included.

Ladies Full Moon Ceremony with Taryn

March 23.

7:00pm – 9:30pm @ZINFIT
Contribution: 250K